Video is becoming an increasingly important way for individuals, groups, and businesses to communicate with their customers, constituents, or clients.

Even though video already consumes the majority of internet traffic we are still on Day One of the full utilisation of video. Video used to be a novelty, however today it is an essential marketing tool for any business.

Expedite Productions produces high quality videos for your specific purpose at an affordable price.

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Training Videos

Videos are the natural medium to train, teach and communicate processes and detailed information to staff members that are required for them to learn specific information related to their job.

By producing training videos you multiply yourself and educate you employees or customers with information you would otherwise need to spend time repeating over and over. What better way to leverage your time and experience by creating high quality training videos that can be viewed over and over again.

Most training videos are brief, straightforward and easy to make, so therefore will be very affordable to create.

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Testimonial Videos

When people are considering a product or service on your website, they may be convinced by the coherent sales argument in your copy and be provisionally ‘sold’. However there is still skepticism and the risk associated with just having to “trust you”.

A well made testimonial video disarms this skepticism by allowing past customers to talk about the experience they had doing business with you, and the problems they had solved in the process. This “social proof” allows prospects to feel at ease and confident they are making a good choice.

The best testimonial videos have customers also talking about the objections they had before buying and how they overcame them.

Done properly, a number of well produced testimonial videos can significantly increase your sales. We know what to do and the end result will be great.

When you have a new product or service that may be unfamiliar to a certain audience, or it’s not immediately obvious what the benefit is, a short explainer video can quickly cover how everything works and show simply what the benefit is. This brings the viewer up to speed in 60-90 seconds and ready for for more information.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are an attention grabbing way of promoting a product, service, website, special event, or business.

This type of video is for expanding awareness to a mass audience and is mainly informational in nature, with a summary of features and benefits and a response device for viewers to take action.

Promotional videos are able to be shared via social media creating the potential for mass exposure.

Event Videos

Event videos come in couple of different forms. There is the full length recording, and there is the brief summary of the event highlights.

A full length event video recording can be provided to attendees of an event for later review, or to people who were not able to attend the event. These full length recordings can also be edited and turned into products that can be sold.

The other type of event video is a collection of highlight clips that touch on key moments of a presentation, seminar, function, or event. You can use a ‘highlight reel’ like this to promote your next event.

Education Videos

When it comes to communicating complex information, video is the most effective way by far. You are able to narrate educational content while supporting with visual diagrams, images, or additional video footage helping make the point.

The multi-dimensional aspect of video makes communication very powerful as the viewer is both told and shown at the same time. This makes the experience more engaging and retention more effective than just reading from a piece of paper.

Company profiles are videos that give an insight into what the business does, the people who work in it, and the kind of culture the company has with its employees.

They are used to give potential employees an idea of what the business values are and what it is like to work there, and to communicate the overall value proposition of the business to customers.

Video is much more effective than a simple sales brochure. Recent statistics show video has five times greater recall than text and as such can be far more powerful in promoting your brand.